Game Reschedule and Cancellation

SCSL expects coaches to make every effort to play their games as scheduled.  However, it is understood that due to circumstances beyond our control it is sometimes necessary to reschedule a game.

All communications with the league should take place through your club delegate.  Club delegates are in a position to help organize your club's activities and field schedules.

Games are rescheduled through the HOME club's SCSL delegate.   The visiting club's delegate should always be notified of schedule changes (ie cc'd on emails) as well as the hosting club's delegate if the game is scheduled to be played at a neutral field.

Here is the procedure to use when your game must be rescheduled,

  1. Notify your opposing coach that the game will need to be rescheduled.  It is a good idea to decide on a proposed make-up date (or dates) at this time.  However, understand that the reschedule must be approved by the league so it is not normally acceptable to reschedule a game for "tomorrow."
  2. The HOME team coach contacts the home club delegate to notify them that the game needs to be rescheduled. Give the delegate your proposed make-up date if you have decided on one.
  3. The HOME club delegate should verify that the field (or a field) is available at the proposed time.  If no field is available the delegate should ask the coaches to find another time OR they can decide to try to play the game at the visiting team's field.
  4. Once the delegate has decided that a field is available, they should email the proposed game change to the league.  
  5. SCSL will approve or reject the proposed schedule change and contact the HOME and VISITING club delegates.  If the schedule change is approved the official (ie online) game schedule will be updated to show the new time and date. If the schedule change is rejected, the game will be set to TBD status; no time and no date.
  6. If the change is ACCEPTED, the respective club delegates should communicate that information to the team coaches and at this point the reschedule is complete.  If the proposed change is REJECTED, the home club delegate communicates that information to the coaches, a new date is proposed, and the process starts over.
  7. If a proposed date is not supplied to the league with the reschedule request, the game will be moved to TBD status; no time and no date.  (Note that that at this point another game may be scheduled in it's place.)  The HOME club delegate should contact SCSL as soon as a proposed date has been decided and the above process starts from that point.


Some things to note:

  • SCSL will try to accommodate all reasonable requests to reschedule games.  Due to referee assignment requirements you should allow at least one week before the proposed game time.
  • Rescheduled games may be played Saturday or Sunday.  Weeknight games may also be played provided conditions (darkness) permit and a referee is available.  Scheduling a "double-header" to play a rescheduled game is also OK.
  • Rescheduled games may be played at a different field if necessary.
  • Since the league does not maintain standings and there are no playoffs, it is permissible to re-schedule a game after the "official" end of the season, provided a field and referee are available.
  • It is expected that all games will be played using a referee assigned by the league.  You should not normally supply your own referee, especially without contacting the league, though your delegate, first.
  • Games left in TBD status at the official end of the season will not be played.  If your club supplies you with referee fees, the fees for that game should be returned to your club.


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